My Mission

My entire life I have loved animals, and I wish to honor them. Being in their presence, and working to protect and nurture them, is a privilege and a passion. Beyond that, I find it fulfilling and peaceful to pay homage by studying their faces and capturing their essence in my artwork. In every way I can, I want to serve them.
After all, it is we humans who must be their voice in the world.

Have you ever gazed into the eyes of a gorilla?  It is like looking at the face of God.  It’s always seemed to me as if they know all the secrets of the universe and they’re not telling the humans.  It was sitting with these gentle giants in the jungle, along with experiencing unconditional unbridled love by the baby monkeys in my care, that enabled me to become still enough to let this artistic gift flow from my heart and mind through my brush to the canvas.

photo by Guy Evron